The importance of giving back was instilled in Lauren at a young age.  By twelve years old she was working alongside her family at soup kitchens, hospitals, and shelters. She has worked with organizations such as the Red Cross, CityStep, and the Phyllis Newman Women's Health Initiative and continues to explore how she can fruitfully serve her communities, wherever she is. Her two main organizations are Broadway Serves and SBI College and Career Preparatory Institute.


Broadway Serves is a service organization comprised of members of the Broadway community who are looking to "be the change we want to see in the world." Our mission is to provide a forum for open discourse on issues that affect us all, and to provide opportunities for community service to Broadway and theater professionals. Lauren has been part of the organization since 2012 and is an active Representative.


SBI College and Career Preparatory Institute is committed to fostering systematic socio-economic change through grassroots education initiatives operated within public schools. The mission of its College and Career Preparatory Institute is to prepare publicly educated high school students for admission into life transforming undergraduate programs at selective residential colleges. CCPI provides a comprehensive four-year program that addresses historically underserved youth’s academic, attitudinal and socio-cultural needs. Lauren is the right hand gal of Executive Director Charles Thompson and helps run the academic and after school performing arts program.